Hello there! I'm Tyler Miles Lockett, an award winning Illustrator hoping to breath fresh life into the magic and mystery of ancient mythology and classical literature. 

Ive always been passionate about art, growing up drawing warriors and fantasy landscapes, while watching 1980's dark-fantasy movies like 'The Neverending Story", and "The Dark Crystal." In the 90's I continued to be inspired by  video games and  Japanese fantasy and cyberpunk anime OVA’s.  After receiving my Bachelors in Illustration from Parsons school of design in NYC, I worked as a senior concept artist on American Mcgee's "Alice: Madness Returns" XBOX 360 video game.  For the last eight years I have lived in over twelve countries as a world traveling digital nomad while working on freelance and personal art projects.

Now I'm embarking on a whole new chapter, diving deep into something I'm really passionate about; the drama and wonder of Greek Mythology!  Come along for the ride! I'm happy to have you aboard, and i look forward to hearing from you on Instagram or Discord! :)


  Bloomsbury, Asmodee Games, EA, Spicy Horse, floodgate entertainment, Bioware games

Work Experience


Floodgate Entertainment/Bioware

"Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide"

Icon/ Character portrait artist


Spicy Horse

"American Mcgee's Grimm" PC game

Senior Concept Artist


Spicy Horse/EA

"Alice Madness Returns" PX/XBOX 360

Senior Concept artist


2000 - 2004 

Parsons School of Design

B.A. in Illustration


Greek tragedy images chosen to be included into "Communication Arts" Annual (issue 63 (2022) Out of 3,800 submissions 140 were chosen for publication.